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patio heater

Outdoor Event heating

Outdoor Event heating

we supply outdoor gas heaters rental for all event and parties all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Patio Heater Rentals
natural gas powered patio heaters – quiet and clean burning – perfect for your outdoor, winter-time entertaining
in Dubai! All patio heaters use gas and are for outdoor use only – no electricity required.


Pyramid shaped unit emits
Two styles to choose from, both with adjustable heat control.
The Umbrella Heater (upper),
a long flame inside a 4′ x 4″
Heats from 8 to 10 hours-depending on heat setting.
provides a comforting circle of
quartz glass tube – creates a
Wheels for easy moving… put heat where you need it.
radiant heat for your guests.
dramatic lighting effect with
Automatic shut off with loss of flame or tilting of the heater.
The 3 foot tall Pyramid Heater
moderate heat output.
Uses 5 gallon (20 lb) propane cylinder enclosed in the base.
(lower), adds a warm, radiant
. glow to your outdoor setting.
Hammered Bronze Finish Stainless Steel Finish Hammered Bronze with table Umbrella Heater – Item 48300
31,000 BTU – Propane
40,000 BTU – Propane
42,000 BTU – Propane
Pyramid Heater – Item 48310
Tank and Propane Additional
Tank and Propane Additional
Tank and Propane Additional
Fuel Cylinders Sold Separately
Gas patio heater Rentals

Gas patio heater Rentals

Eqrent_48250_Umbrella_Heater_175x399 Eqrent_48275_Umbrella_Heater_175x399

Eiad • October 7, 2014

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